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Last updated on May 29th, 2022 at 08:43 am

Video editing is one of the more advanced needs of the editing industry. Usually people take photographs and use tools to make them more profound. But when it comes to video it gets a little bit hard however still possible. A strong application is needed for this purpose. There are a lot of video editing apps available at playstore or online. Kinemaster Pro mod apk is highly a good option for fun lovers as well as semi-professionals.kinemaster pro mod apk

You may download kinemaster mod apk unlocked by given below link.



NameKinemaster Pro Mod Apk
Size61 MB
DeveloperKineMaster Corporation

Kinemaster Pro Mod apk:

Kinemaster mod apk is one of the best apps for video editing and it has a lot of features. This is a free video editing app for your android smartphone. It supports multi-layer video, image and text editing with the state of the art of cutting and trimming. We can get multi-track audio, chroma key, volume envelope control, 3D transitions without any watermark. It is an easy to use android app and you can have many tools like voiceovers, chroma key, special effects, blending modes, subtitles, speed control, transitions, clip graphics, rotate, mirroring, color filters, crop, trim and a lot more. In short kinemaster is equally handy and useful for newbie as well as for a professional.

What is kinemaster mod apk?  

The kinemaster pro apk is a perfect solution for all sorts of content creators. It helps you to create high quality video that can be only possible on a computer. It is a free version of the app but some features are restricted and you need to pay to get a premium app. Kinemaster mod apk can be well defined as a premium version without any watermark feature. Watermark is a trademark logo of the kinemaster that is part and parcel of the basic free version of kinemaster. However here you can get all the premium options for enhancing the media with this app without paying a single penny. It offers professional level control on editing processes over the smartphone for professionals as well as amateurs which was only available on updated tools on computers earlier.

Features of Kinemaster Pro mod Apk:

Kinemaster introduces countless features in order to make a perfect video. First of all kinemaster mod apk is ads free and without any watermark. It supports all kinds of media. All features are enabled like stickers, handwriting, images, text, multi layers for images that could be used in videos. Instant preview is available any time during the editing. Frame to frame trimming, cutting, hue, brightness and saturation control, transition effects, maximum video resolution increased and sharing option on all networks like fb, YouTube etc is available instantly.

Details of some of the key features:

1. Chroma key:


Chroma key is one of the vital and user friendly features of the app. This feature is used to change the background of your videos and you can replace anything you want in the background. This feature can give you a profound and professional look to your videos.

2. Animations:

This amazing feature can give robust animations during the editing process. You can add different scenes or special effects from external sources as well.

3. Transitions effects:

The special effects between the video slides that make the videos look fantastic are called transition effects. Basically this is one of the techniques used in professional film-making like in Hollywood movies etc. This is a technique that is used to combine the scenes and shots during the post-production process of editing. It offers effects such as wipe in, wipe out, fade, dissolve and a lot more.

4. Multi track audio:

This app helps you to mix booths in the studio. It allows you to add more than eight audio tracks at the same time. You can use it while editing a rap song or a combined music.

5. Addition of multiple layers:

This app helps in supporting unlimited layers of image, text, writing & overlay
and ten layers of video. Position of layer, timing, and animate layers using present animation effects or keyframe animation could easily be used.

6. Voice recording:

Kinemaster allows you to add voice over tracks to your videos very easily. That is the most outstanding feature while making a documentary or motivational video.

kinemaster Pro mod apk is safe to Download:

It is always recommended to download a premium app to enjoy the full features. However, if you are short of money, then you can enjoy premium features of the app without spending a single penny here on this site. It is safe to download the app as it is not forked or coded. Actually it is a cracked version of the paid app hosted on this site so no threat of privacy from third party or malware is expected. The app has been scanned by strong anti-virus apps as well as tested on emulator, TrustGo, ad detector apps for any malicious nature. Hence it is as safe as any other app to download.

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How to download kinemaster Pro mod apk?

Here on this site you can easily download kinemaster pro mod apk no watermark. So here you go and enjoy the app by clicking on the Download button. Follow the download steps and enjoy.